School: Ritsumeikan 立命館大学

Ritsumeikan Pacific University Ritsumeikan Ajia Taiheiyō Daigaku

立命館アジア太平洋大学 りつめいかんアジアたいへいようだいがく

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Ritsumeikan Pacific University ritsumeikan ajia taiheiyō daigaku

立命館アジア太平洋大学 りつめいかんアジアたいへいようだいがく

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 立命館アジア太平洋大学 ritsumeikan ajia taiheiyō daigaku is a private university inaugurated in April 2000. It is situated in 別府 べっぷ Beppu, 大分県 おおいたけん Ōita Prefecture, but it has very close business and academic links with the main university in 京都 きょうとKyōto. APU was established by collaborating public and private organisations: 大分県 おおいたけん Ōita Prefecture, 別府 べっぷ Beppu City and the Ritsumeikan Academy. The university, which was originally founded in 京都 きょうと Kyōto, has a good reputation.


Since November 2013 the university in 別府 べっぷ Beppu has about 5300 students including approximately 3000 Japanese students and about 2300 international students who come from many countries. Half of the 160 or so full-time teaching staff are internationals from more than 20 different countries.